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    1. How could the direct method be useful in making decisions?

    2. After researching the reciprocal method, I am in complete agreement the reciprocal method being the most efficient cost allocation method. According to an accounting resource, the reciprocal method is a method of allocating service department costs to other organizational departments, which results in providing full recognition to interdepartmental services. Lastly, I also learned the reciprocal method allocates service department costs in both directions. Can someone add to this?


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    1. How could the direct method be useful in making decisions?

    The direct method is usually the most useful in making decisions in a number of ways. For example, if I need to get something done immediately for my supervisor, then I could do it myself, and not go through the chain of command to accomplish it. Furthermore, I can get the approval after it is complete without facing any kind of repercussions from those that would possibly think otherwise. However, when this is a norm in the workplace, an individual is able to make sure that he or she is able to obey the norms of the culture in ...

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    This solution discussed the direct and indirect method when making decisions.