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    Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making

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    As a developing critical thinker, we should get in the habit of explicitly stating the purpose we are trying to accomplish.

    What is a summary of the purpose you wish to use critical thinking in your life and by which methods will you develop it?

    I am looking for about 400 words, notes about topic above. ~Pamela

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    Critical thinking is a way of thinking to evaluate new ideas that we encounter everyday. It helps us understand ourselves better. Critical thinkers always discern evidences that support their beliefs and at the same time, look for weaknesses in their own way of reasoning. Critical thinking is a way of becoming aware and controlling one's own thinking processes in order to think about things in a more rational, clear, accurate and consistent way. Critical thinkers ask relevant questions and they always weigh things in support of arguments. They like to interpret complicated problems and make wise decisions to the best of their ability taking into account everything that their minds can reach. It is a human nature to think as our minds are continually at work interpreting and evaluating the events happening everyday. Our thoughts are influenced by those around us and unconsciously, we allow others to do a great deal of thinking for us. ...

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    The solution discusses the purpose of using critical thinking in one's life and the methods used to develop it. References included.