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Compute the mean, median, and mode

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The manager of a local fast-food restaurant is interested in imporving the service provided to customers who use the restuarant's drive-up window. As a first step in this process, the manager asks his assistant to record the time (in minutes) it takes to serve 200 customers at the final window in the facility's drive-up system. The 200 customer service times given in the file P02_04.xls are all observed during the busiest hours of the day for this fast food operation.

a. Compute the mean, median, and mode of this sample of customer service times.

b. Which of these measures do you believe is the most appropriate one in describing this distribution? Explain the reasoning behind this answer.

What I need:

Though this question seems to be straight forward, I am not proficient in Excel or StatTools, which is the program that this works with. Therefore, I am not sure which areas to go to to calculate what I need. This is frustrating!! I am also concerned because you do not have the copy of the software and I wonder if you will be able to assist.

I feel fairly certain that I can do part b but my problem lies in understanding how to perform part A correctly. Please help!!

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The solution computes the mean, median and mode of a sample of customer service times.

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