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Capitalism vs Socialism: pros and cons, according to Heilbroner

Capitalism vs Socialism - Pros and Cons". Your main source will be the two Heilbroner books. Part of the paper will explain what he had to say, and part of the paper will be what you have to say.

Response should focus on the capitalism portion of this paper.

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Robert Heilbroner wrote several books including The Worldly Philosophers, The Future as History, The Great Ascent, An Inquiry into the Human Prospect, Beyond Boom and Bust, and Marxism: For and Against where he vigorously discussed modernity and economics. Heilbroner's works largely focused on the analysis of the interrelationships and interactions of what he referred to the central internalized institutions and values in capitalism: the drive to accumulate capital, the market, and division between private and public realms.

According to Heilbroner (1986), capitalism's inherent weakness is these values more particularly when these values are allowed to interact with one another which guiding principles and institutions. Particularly, Heilbroner (1986) define capitalism a social framework being pulled in various directions by a host of competing self-contradictions and tensions; generating multiple meanings and an array of present realities and future possibilities. The author also contended that ...

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The solution examines the pros and cons of capitalism versus socialism according Heilbroner.