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    Ethics and Kardell Paper, Co.

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    After reading The Kardell Paper Co. Ethics Case pretend you are

    The City of Riverside and its citizens

    How would you represent your position and desires?

    Explain how you could provide your ideas to be persuasive and how to communicate the potential impact of Kardell's actions on your stakeholder group.

    The explanation should be worded as though you were to deliver it to the entire board of directors of the Kardell Paper Co.

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    I would represent the community's position by giving a presentation in a community auditorium. The lights would be dimmed somewhat and there would be slides of the community at first followed by pictures of babies with birth defects and tombstones of those stillborn cycling in the background. In addition, there would be 12 men and women in the community sitting facing the crowd, having the appearance of a jury. My presentation would read as follows:

    "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board of Directors,

    For the past century, Kardell has provided employment and economic development for the Riverside community, a fact for which we are all eternally grateful. Many of our families have generations invested at the company with great-grandfather, grandfather, dad, and now son having all worked at the plant.

    Life in Riverview, for the most ...

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    The solution describes a presentation to Kardell Paper executives concerning pollution in the city's river/ethics.