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    Code of Ethics in Motel Manager Position

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    (Please keep in mind that I work as a motel manager)

    Analyze your own organization's statement of business ethics or code of conduct. Does your organization even have one? Compare your organization's statement to the websites listed above and two additional organizations, preferably from your industry/sector. Compose a discussion board post of at least one page describing your comparative analysis and indicating the 'state' of your organization's statement. Is it lacking in some way? More advanced in some way?

    If your organization does not have a similar statement, use your post to detail why the organization or company should have such a statement, describe the results of your analysis and which characteristics would be more important in your organization's statement.

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    In my business there is no code of conduct or business ethics statement. I feel that my company should have such a statement. There are several reasons why I feel that such a statement should exist. My motel provides accommodation to travelers. Business ethics sets principles, ideals, standards or systems of behavior that guide the decision making process of the company. In my company principles, ideals and standards are violated to the detriment of the important stakeholders.
    Government standards are ...

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    The solution analyzes an organization's statement of business ethics or code of conduct. This is compared to additional organizations ethics of code of conduct to determine if it is lacking in some way or is more advanced.