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    Business Ethics: Would you consider purchasing medication from an online pharmacy?

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    Describe in depth the advantages and disadvantages of online pharmacies. What ethical dilemmas do they pose? Would you consider purchasing medications from an online pharmacy?

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    For many people online pharmacies are becoming more and more attractive to consumers due to the convenience and in many cases lower costs for the drugs they are acquiring. However, research suggests that there are as many disadvantages as there are advantages, depending on the person.

    The biggest advantage for most people of online pharmacies is the lower costs. Many of the online pharmacies today are "mom and pop" types of operations where they order, pack, and ship the medications right from their home or small offices, therefore saving on the overhead costs thus reducing the price to the consumer (Lewis, 2011).

    Another advantage is the ease of getting prescriptions filled or refilled. Many patients find that once they are in an online pharmacy system, there is no need to revisit a doctor or go to a clinic again. The pharmacy will simply contact the Dr. for them if they need a new prescription (Fearon, 2009).

    And finally, a major attraction for many patients ...

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