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    Accounts Making Sure That Companies Stay Honest 'Post Enron'

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    Regardless of how the public perceives the accounting profession as a whole, a recent study suggests that there continues to be a significant disconnect between the perceived responsibility accountants have to their clients and third parties, and their actual responsibilities.

    The study, Public Perceptions in a 'Post Enron' World by Camico Mutual Insurance Co. Report (2004), included the following question:

    Accountants are responsible for making sure that companies stay honest:

    Pre Enron Post Enron
    Agree 34% 61%
    Neither 25% 10%
    Disagree 39% 29%

    How does this new perception impact the auditor's job?

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    Given the change in perception as to the responsibility of accountants and auditors in ensuring that companies stay honest, ...

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    The solution discusses whether accountants are responsible for making sure that companies are honest 'Post Enron.'