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    Accounting Ethics: Did Barry Minkow turn over a new leaf?

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    Barry Minkow is back in the news...in a bad way. Apparently Barry did in fact "turn over a new leaf"...he went from a Ponzi Scheme to insider trading.

    I am a believer that you can help a basically honest person make better decisions by teaching them ethics, but I have doubts...more now...that an unethical person can be taught to be ethical or that they can truly be "reformed".

    Take a look at Barry's new story...as well as any other former white collar criminal who has supposedly "turned over a new leaf" and give us your thoughts on my proposition of "once a crook, always a crook".

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    Barry Minkow, at an early age of 23, was convicted of 57 frauds as was sentenced to prison for 25-30 years. He served 7 years and got out early to get into another financial crime.

    Similarly Sam Antar was also accused of major financial scams of ...

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    The expert determines if Barry Minkow turns over a new lead in accounting ethics.