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Suppose a firm evaluates the productivity of the three shifts of workers who work in their factory. Each shift's performance is measured on the amount of output that is produced during the shift - day, evening, or swing shift. Based on these ratings presented in the table below, produce an ANOVA analysis in Excel (see the example of a 1-way ANOVA in Course Materials), and determine if the average amount of output for any shift is different than the others.

Please show all calculations (especially the calculations of the variances for each shift (how the resultant variance number is derived), and also show the calculations how the P-value is determined - whether by formula or by charts.

Day Evening Swing

6 5 5
8 8 6
9 7 5
8 7 7
8 6 5
9 7 6
7 7 5
8 8 5
7 6 6
7 5 5

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Excel file contains solution by both manual and excel method. It contains ANOVA analysis and calculate p -value