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How many positive integers less than 1000?

How many positive integers less than 1000?

a) have distinct digits
b) have distinct digits and are even
c) divisible by 7
d) divisible by 7 and not 11
c) both 7 and 11
d) either 7 or 11
e) exactly one of 7 or 11
f) neither 7 or 11

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a)have distinct digits
Answer: There are 9 one-digital positive numbers. For two-digit numbers, the first digit may be anything from 1 to 9, while the second may be anything from 0 to 9 except the first digit. We thus have 9 choices for each digit, and so have 81 two-digit numbers with distinct digits. For three-digit numbers, we have 9 choices for the first digit, 9 for the second, and 8 for the third, for a total of 648 (9*9*8=648) three-digit numbers with distinct digits. Thus, there are 9+81+648=738 numbers less than ...

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The solution is comprised of detailed explanations on how to find the number of postive integers less than 1000 with various restrictions, such as distinct digits, divisible by 7.