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What do you think about small sample sizes?

THis only has to be about 2 paragraphs in a Microsoft Word document. This weeks discussion for my Organizational Research class is:

1.What do you think about small sample sizes?

2.What are the advantages? and Disadvantages?

3.What about Qualitative vs Quantitative designs?

The teachers provided us with this Abstract: You can apply comments with what she provided us, and you can also discuss the 3 question on ones own. Thank you so much for your help and time.

This work employs a phenomenological approach to investigate how people experience the radical transformation of their work lives caused by reengineering (BPR) processes. The common essences of the experiences of three co-researchers are synthesized into a composite textural-structural description of the reengineering phenomenon. The analysis of the rich, multidimensional information offered by participants reveals that reengineering projects elicit complex experiences involving a multitude of horizons. In particular, the analysis suggests that, by taking the discourse of efficiency to extremes, reengineering ends up by unveiling the conflicts inherent in the arrangements that generally characterize workplace. This proposition goes beyond the traditional belief that the basic reason for resistance in BPR projects is the fear of layoffs or the modification of power arrangements. Indeed, such factors seem to be part of the problem. It is also necessary to understand the imp! ortant role of the crisis that reengineering may generate in individuals' ongoing process of sense making.

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