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    Two Systems

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    I have two questions that have me puzzled, they are;

    1. In an open system model which of the following statements is not true?
    a. Open systems have a dynamic relationship with their environment.
    b. In an open system there are no barriers restricting the flow from the external environment.
    c. The system is open to influences from its environment.
    d. Inputs are transformed into outputs through a process.

    I have eliminated answers "A" & "D" as both of these relate to an open system. However, "B" & "C" also appear to be correct. Since an open system relies on its relationship with its external environment I would think that there would be of barriers.

    2. A decentralized training department results in?
    a. Less training cost.
    b. More relevant training.
    c. More control over training content.
    d. Less likelihood of the transfer of training.

    I would have to say "D" is the correct choice but I am not sure.

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    Okay without answering them directly I am going to make a couple of points to consider. Breakdown the answers to their simplest form relating to the class.

    The fact that the answer is given by lecture or text is usually the case, but here there can be some confusion. In the first you are correct that a and d are both related to open systems. An open system does rely on its external environment. The c answer says that the ...

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