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Team Intelligences

I need some examples of common team intelligences for learning teams.

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According to Gardner the eight intelligences are:

"(1) linguistic intelligence;

(2) logical-mathematical;

(3) spatial intelligence;

(4) bodily-kinesthetic intelligence;

(5) musical intelligence;

(6) interpersonal intelligence;

(7) intrapersonal intelligence; and

(8) natural intelligence." (Green & Hill, 2005).

Everyone has these intelligences but people tend to show preferences toward one or more of them as their favorite methods of learning. Some people are strong in linguistic intelligence, meaning that they learn and communicate best through various forms of language such as speaking, reading and writing. This intelligence is particularly useful during brainstorming sessions that teams engage in, or when team members perform individual investigations, or engage in debates, to find creative solutions to various challenges that the team faces during various stages of development. An example of linguistic intelligence in use is when
A team member thinks about a problem and writes ...

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This is a list of common team intelligences for learning teams and examples of each intelligence.