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    Systemetic Decision Making

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    Please help with the following assignment. I need to write a 750-1000 word essay on this systematic decision making scenario. If you could provide a nice breakdown of detail of about 250 words, I'd greatly appreciate it. The assignment is as follows. Thanks!

    "As manager, you have been notified that the per-mile expenses reported by your top salesperson justifies securing a company vehicle for her corporate activities. Using the systematic step-by-step decision-making process learned within the module, determine whether the organization should lease or buy a car. Since no specific automobile is identified, make the leave v. buy decision on a qualitative rather than a quantitative basis; for example, evaluate aspects of depreciation, expenses, maintenance costs, insurance, and anything else relevant.

    Write a 750 to 1000 word composition employing the six-step decision-making process relative to the required automobile lease-versus-buy decision. Deliver a response in paragraph form, not a step-by-step list of points. Your essay should conclude with a final decision as well as a brief explanation concerning how the choice is to be assessed, with feedback, in a future period."

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    The six step decision making process is as follows:
    Defining the situation and the desired outcome:
    The situation is that the top salesperson must be secured a company vehicle for her corporate activities. The justification is that the per mile expenses reported by her justifies securing a company vehicle. The desired outcome is that lease v. buy decision should be made. The financial objective is to reduce the per mile expenses of the salesperson.
    Researching and Identifying options:
    The two options are leasing and buying. In leasing the vehicle will not be owned by the company, the salesperson can use it but the vehicle must be returned at the end of the lease. In case of buying the vehicle the company will own the vehicle and get to keep it as ...

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