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Steps in Research

What is the most important steps that a business researcher should take in order to maximize the quality of his or her work? What are some specific actions that can be taken to increase the probability that the research project will be useful for decision-making purposes? Thanks

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The most important steps are to 1) decide what it is you want to know, 2) decide how you might best get the data to find the solutions you need, 3) review and create your hypothesis question plus any alternatives that might affect the outcome, and 4) make sure you sample appropriately.

You must plan the research you want to do. Just asking a question or thinking there is a problem or need is not enough. The specific information you need is the most important to create a research path. Until you ask the right questions, you cannot ask the right question. Deciding to add pet food to your production does not lead you to good research. More ...

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A review of the steps in business research and how to assure it is useful for future needs.