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    Speaking the Truth: Minority position, consequences

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    1. Describe an instance when you stood up and spoke out for what was right even though you were in the minority or were greatly outnumbered.

    2. Analyze the consequences of standing up and indicated whether you would do it again.

    3. Analyze an instance when someone told you the hard truth about something you did or didn't to make a difference.

    4. Analyze whether you would willingly bear the consequences for personal acts harming someone or the organization.

    5. Analyze the consequences of owning up to failure or helping someone when you didn't have to.

    Cite all sources using the correct APA style.

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    Speaking The Truth

    Speaking out for what was right:

    In a certain company I worked with, there was a departmental manager who used to discriminate some employees on the basis of their race. I reported this issue to the top management who later inquired about the matter in one of the meetings with employees. I proved that the discrimination was based on national origin, gender and race. Majority of employees did not support me because they feared that they may end up losing their jobs even though what I said was the truth.

    Consequences of standing up:

    Most of the people who fear tend to put up with things. They are afraid of making enemies, causing trouble and being judged negatively by others. The price of telling the truth is to make enemies or to cause trouble. If I didn't take a stand then things would have happened that shouldn't have happened. Those who are most at risk or who have a stake in a situation that shouldn't be, do not often speak up because others are involved who may be dependent ...

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