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Social institutions and poverty

How do social institutions contribute to the problem of poverty? How do attitudes and ideologies help perpetuate poverty?

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In the cases of poverty, social institutions work to maintain the status quo rather than attempt to fix the problems. The ability of the people to accept poverty as a condition, not a state of mind is also a problem. The social structure is poised to enable rather than cure the problems.

Government works hand against hand to solve many of the problems of poverty. There are programs to help those who deal with poverty, but those programs are set up to replicate the poverty conditions (housing, food stamps, etc.) rather than provide a different outlook. Social institutions and government perpetuate the poverty by making the people trapped in it seem as though they have no desire to leave poverty. For example, a government housing project is built for those who need rent help. However, the properties are built in ...

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A discussion on how social institutions and attitudes contribute to the problem of poverty.