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Securing Databases

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Why is data security important now more than ever? What are some of the steps that we can take to ensure that our database is protected and secure? How can you use user views to enhance security and restrict access?

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Protecting your data means protecting your business. Data security breach from within or from outside intruders, whether overt or covert, will result in a devalued business confidence for a company's data.

The integrity of the database that is not secure is questionable. An establishment, for example the office of registry that electronically records that births, marriages and deaths in a locality, encountered illegal data intrusion. Users of their data may be wary that the database may have been populated with data that are spurious and bogus.

The best way is to hire trusted personnel that will manage the database system. Password protection must be installed on every workstation.

All system passwords must be changed periodically.

Further, firewall and anti-virus applications must be installed to protect the system.

One of the leading anti-virus solutions provider McAfee (n.d.) suggested these steps to protect databases:

Step 1: Identify known content ...

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The solution deals on protecting data and databases. It emphasizes that the best way to secure databases is to employ personnel that put a high premium on loyalty and trust.

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