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    Salesperson Characteristics Identified

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    Identify a product or service that you recently have bought from a salesperson. For example, the product could be an emerald ring at a jewelry store or a service could include paying extra to have the new washing machine you purchased delivered to your house.

    (If you have not recently bought a product from a salesperson, you can make up a hypothetical product and situation).

    Think back on the transaction and your interaction with the salesperson. Identify in your post what you felt were the most important characteristics of the salesperson and what were the least effective characteristics of the salesperson.

    Include some brief explanations on why you chose these specific characteristics.

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    I recently purchased a television. When purchasing any item, I do not want to be bombarded by a salesperson. I prefer the approach of having the salesperson introduce themselves, ask if they can be of assistance, and if I state not right now, I expect them to walk away, with the statement that they will be nearby if I need their assistance.

    The most important characteristics of a salesperson are:
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