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    Retail Management - Mock Behavioral Interview

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    You are a manager of a retail store chain. The store sales is over 40 million. There are store metrics to measure customer service, backroom processes, safety and front-end processes. You have co-store managers, assistant managers, department managers and several sales associates. All questions have to include the people that you would utilize and positive results.


    1. Tell me about a time when your team had to work with another team in order to get business results.

    2. Tell me about a time when you implemented a program that increased business results.

    3. How do you insure that a diverse group of customers get excellent customer service. Drive customer experience.

    4. Tell me about an issue that you and your team had to overcome.

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    1. Tell me about a time when your team had to work with another team in order to get business results.

    When working on a project that required city approval for every aspect of a remodel including the landscaping, we turned to a team of engineers. These people were experts in dealing with building codes and codes for abutments, tree removal and planting, and all aspects of code enforcement. Our office staff began by supplying all the needed code information and the suggestions of the city. The drafting team then sent over their interpretation in drafting format for the engineers to examine and update. With the drafters and engineers, the city was eventually satisfied with the outcome of the plans. One of the most intriguing points was the drafting team finding some issues with the previous access to the city's sewer and water system that was flawed on the original plans. The engineers worked with the drafting team to make the plan more efficient and forced the city code committee to agree to request an upgrade for the property. With the ...

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