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    Operations Improvement Plan and Critical Thinking

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    As a member of a management team reviewing an operations improvement plan, what critical-thinking questions would you apply to each process in the plan? Please provide examples of critical-thinking questions with each process of the plan.

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    You have asked for critical questions that a manager might ask when reviewing an Operational Improvement Plan.

    Mel Braverman, a consultant working with Cooperative Development Services uses a four-phase approach to constructing an improvement plan

    1. Assessing current performance.
    2. Prioritizing areas you intend to improve.
    3. Setting goals for areas of top priority.
    4. Monitoring achievement and giving regular feedback.

    1. Assessing current performance

    Assess general store (company) performance. Review sales, labor, margin, turns and expenses. Are any of these areas cause for concern or areas you feel should/could be improved? List concerns with greatest (most critical or largest potential payback) first.

    Assess each department's performance. Are any departments failing to meet their goals or in need of a greater challenge? List department with potential for greatest positive impact first.

    Some critical questions that you might ask at this phase of the plan are:

    -->What part of performance am I concerned about?
    -->How would it look if it were better?
    -->Can my vision be achieved?
    -->If not, what do I need to make it possible?

    After these exercises, you have a general picture of what areas of performance may create the greatest positive impact if they were improved and what resources may ...

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    This solution outlines critical thinking type questions that a manager might ask when reviewing an Operational Improvement Plan.