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    Mountain West Health Plans, Inc.

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    Mountain West Health Plans, Inc.
    Review the case for critical analysis "Mountain West Health Plans, Inc." Analyze the issues faced by Martin Quinn. Compare and contrast the leadership styles of Evelyn Gustafson and Erik Rasmussen. Discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two leadership styles. Explain what you would do to resolve the current situation.

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    Issues Faced by Martin Quinn
    Martin Quinn is faced with options to control costs of the labor intensive department. During the tenure of retired former Director, EvelynMountain West Health Plans, Inc. The turnover rate was 10% whereas it was 25-30% for the industry but costs were very high. Erik, newly hired Director is eager to reduce costs but it is hindering performance of subordinates. The turnover rate has increased substantially as morale of employees is reducing. Calls are not as productive as they used to be because subordinates lack the focus of solving subscribers' problems and most of them are new to the company. Hence, Martin Quinn is in a dilemma to draw a fine line between performance and empathy.

    Leadership Styles
    Both Evelyn and Erik had same goal of improving customer service. However their leadership styles were pole apart. Evelyn's leadership style could be described as Charismatic. Evelyn was an empathetic woman who had herself risen to the position of Director from being a customer service representative. Hence she could relate with the stress of customer service executives who were mostly females. Although the pay was pretty low, Evelyn would accommodate ...

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