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MNC Organizational Structures

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MNC organizational structures:
- Domestic structure plus export department
- Domestic structure plus foreign subsidiary
- Global structure
- Global functional structure
- Global product structure

Research the Internet to cite an example of each of the structures. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each structure.

At least 300 words. Use APA style of attributing sources.

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An example of a domestic structure plus export department is a small boating company known as Triumph boats, that has one manufacturing facility located in North Carolina in which they produce, sale, and ship boats to their customers. This organization also has an export department by which they obtain international sales and export those purchased boats to international customers throughout the world. An advantage of this structure is that it keeps operations compact and efficient, and a disadvantage is that it increases the length of time that it takes for international customers to receive their boats. An example of an MNC that has a ...

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