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Mean flow and schedule

The following lists of jobs in a critical department includes estimates of their required times:

JOB Required time (days) Days to delivery promise Slack
A 8 12 4
B 3 9 6
C 7 8 1
D 1 11 10
E 10 -10 -
F 6 10 4
G 5 -8 -
H 4 6 2

A. Use the shortest operation time rule to schedule these jobs. What is the schedule? What is the mean flow time?

B. Assume the schedule in "a" is not acceptable for management. Jobs E and G must be done first, for obvious reasons as they are already late. Reschedule and do the best you can while scheduling jobs E and G first and second, respectively. What is the new schedule? what is the new mean flow?

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