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Is an MBA worth it?

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Hey, MBAs appear to be in high demand. Graduates are expected on average to make a base salary near $100,000. Every year, an additional 100,000 MBAs are conferred. But, there is a huge flip-side.

MBAs program only require a 4 year in any subject (not necessarily business administration courses like management, marketing, human resources, etc and can be taken online. Thus, many people are awarded these MBAs don't have the initial 4 year undergraduate business degree first.

On top of that, many top firms are very picky about whom they hire and online MBAs are taken much less seriously unless they have the undergraduate bachelor's degree specifically in business first with at least 2 additional concentrations.

So in all, I just wanted to know, are MBAs really worth what they tell you or is it just a scandal except for the schools like Harvard?

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The solution provides the OTA's own personal experience in response to the question. Additional concentrations for undergraduate bachelor's degrees are determined.

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Thanks for posting today.

Well, Here is my own personal bio: I have undergraduate degrees from George Washington University. I double-majored in Political Science and International Affairs, with a concentration on Russia and Eastern Europe. I graduated in 2004, and have been in the corporate world. In May 2008, I opened my own luxury auto rental company here in Orlando, FL and I continue to do all sorts of contract work, in addition to that. By September, I decided an MBA was probably a good idea, so I had to find a program that worked for me. I ended up choosing a professional degree program offered by Harvard University, where the main criterion for admission was how I performed in an ...

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