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Manufacturing, Planning and Control

Please help answer.

Manufacturing, planning and control (MPC) environment is defined by customer order decoupling point. Define each environment and give an example of each.

-Make-to-Stock (MTS) environment
-Assemble-to-Stock (ATO) environment
-Make-to-Order (MTO) environment

Please provide references and must be written in essay format.

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The make to stock environment is essentially a manufacturing, planning and control environment in which products are produced and stocked within an organization before there is an order for these products by consumers and customers. These methodologies are utilized by a great deal of manufacturers who mass produce certain products, and the number of products that are produced in stocks is usually based upon the statistically calculated probability of a certain number of orders for the products being placed in the future, although proactive calculations are not always used in a make to stock environment. An example of a make to stock environment is a ...