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    "It's Just a Matter of Timing" Case Analysis

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    Please see attached file. Answer questions for case analysis of "It's Just a Matter of Timing" in regards to cash management and expectations and sales.

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    In "It's Just a Matter of Timing" Teresa learned that Vegas had no intention of ever having a positive cash balance in the bank. Teresa, with her banking background, sees negative cash balance as a stress-inducing calamity Vegas sees it as a "timing issue." When presented with a positive balance, Vegas is encouraged to spend more, not rejoice in the positive turn of events. It is unlikely that Vegas' viewpoints on this will change, and since he is the owner, Teresa must learn to accept the art of walking a fine line between a negative cash balance and a small cash balance and not expect to be in a position of comfort. Vegas is not bothered by the negative or zero cash balance because he has confidence in his ability to sell his way out of any trouble.

    Other than quitting, Teresa can help resolve the problem by trying to educate Vegas on the importance of not overdrawing the account by pointing out the ...

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    This detailed solution is a case analysis for the essay "It's Just a Matter of Timing", which deals with different expectations for cash management, organizational behavior, sales forecasting, and management. It includes examples and references.