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    Helplessness and Optimism, Values and Beliefs

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    Please help develop a response to the following along with references:

    1. Values and beliefs are not the same. What is the difference? Why is this distinction important?

    2. What is learned helplessness? What is optimism? How do these constructs interact? Locate an optimism instrument, such as Scheier and Carver's Life Orientation Test or Dember's Optimism/Pessimism Instrument. Complete the instrument, and share your experience and thoughts with the class. How does one's level of optimism affect leadership and management?

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    Values and beliefs are certainly connected, but they are not the same. Beliefs are often tied to religion, but they don't have to be. We believe things to be true based on our upbringing, but life experiences may strengthen or weaken those beliefs. This distinction is important because our values are derived from our beliefs. For example, if we belief people to be essentially good, then we are more likely to treat them with respect. However, if we believe people are out to "get us" we are less likely to show them kindness. Beliefs are basic judgments about what is ...

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    An examination of the differences between values and beliefs are determined.