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    Describe the first four stages in the development of the critical thinker.

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    Describe the first four stages in the development of the critical thinker. Define dogmatic absolutism and subjective relativism, and explain how these are traps to the beginning thinker.

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    Stage 1: Stage One: The Unreflective Thinker - At this stage, we are disillusioned, self-consumed and unreasonable. At this stage, we believe we hold truths and logic is our guide. We are egocentric, judgmental and unconsciously ignorant in our thinking. We are reactive and up to conclusion based on assumptions, unreasonable belief systems. We attempt to dominant discussion instead of using intelligent thinking to drawn meaningful conclusions. We are often seen as self-centered, prejudices, irrational and dismissive.

    Stage 2: Stage Two: ...

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    The following posting describes the first four stages of the development of the critical thinking. Concepts discussed include dogmatic absolutism and subjective relativism. One reference is included in the solution.