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    Expanding Outpatient Surgery Services

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    Case Study:
    Although there has been a strong demand for outpatient surgery services during the past year, the ambulatory director has not increased the volume of patients scheduled for services. After receiving complaints from physicians that it takes too long to schedule patients for surgery, the hospital administrator has decided to expand the operation. The hospital administrator would like to begin scheduling more patients immediately. The hospital administrator asked that you assist the ambulatory director in facilitating the expansion. The new capital budget includes funds for the additional equipment, and the purchasing department has committed to acquiring it quickly. However, the salary budget does not permit the hiring of any additional personnel.

    You plan to bring your recommendations to the next meeting with the ambulatory director that will allow the expansion to occur without an increase in FTEs (full-time equivalents) or staff.

    1. Identify some of the issues and challenges involved in allocating resources.
    2. Suggest approaches and recommendations for managing the situation.
    3. Consider tangible and intangible resources.

    Use the following resources

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    One of the primary issues or challenges involved with the allocation of resources is the challenge of ensuring that the resources are allocated based upon the pertinence of the department or area to the overall operational efficiency and or effectiveness of the organization. In essence, resource allocation should be prioritized based upon the importance of a given department or operation within an organization, which means that the most important departments or operations and activities will receive resources first, as well as the majority of the resources that are ...