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Drawbacks of telecommuting and virtual teams

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Drawbacks in utilizing telecommuting as alternative work arrangements, including virtual teams.

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There can be several drawbacks in utilizing telecommuting as alternative work arrangements. First and foremost, not everyone can perform well in a virtual team environment. The virtual team members should be self- motivated and have the ability to work independently. They need to be detailed and structured while working effectively without external control. They should demonstrate a strong results-oriented quality. (Bovee, C., Thill, J., Mescon, M., 2007)
Another decisive factor for the team member is to correspond ...

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Another decisive factor for the team member is to correspond clearly, communicate constructively, and think positively even though they lose all nonverbal cues of face-to-face communications when on a team environment. Trust is very important in a team environment, and without the face to face interaction it can be.......

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