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    A dominant ego

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    A dominant ego is certainly a big barrier to personal growth and development. I am sure we can all think of people that no matter what is said them, they are never wrong. We have a gentleman in our organization that is a very smart individual and is working on his PhD. He is very knowledgeable and insightful in a number of areas, particularly in the IT field. However, he is not only new to our organization, but new to our company and there is a learning curve to understand our job. He is very difficult to train, and never asks any questions. When something is brought up to his attention that is in error, he instantly begins to talk in circles and never listens to the problem. So difficult to see someone that intelligent refuse to put his ego aside and learn from some of the experts we have in our area.explain

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    People who have egos that dominate their whole way of life rarely hear or listen to others. It is a skill to really hear and question something someone else has to say. Thus, people who ...

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    Dominant ego as a big barrier to personal growth and development.