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    Discussing the AMD Corporation

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    Please visit: http://www.AMD.com, and start to gain an understanding of the AMD Corporation. After reviewing of all the documents you can find on the web and in libraries, write a response to the following questions:

    1. What is the most important problem facing the AMD Corporation? Please explain your reasoning as to why it is the most important in detail.

    2. What recommendation(s) would you make to the AMD Corporation, and in what order of priorities?

    3. How do you balance between your commitment to shareholders and your commitment to the community? Is this balance attainable?

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    1. The most important problem facing this corporation is the monopolistic behavior of Intel. Intel is using every means at its disposal to ensure that those AMD processors are not accepted in the global market. It is a blatant exercise of monopoly power and if unchecked can lead to the demise of AMD. Intel has used special discounts, used threats and clandestine rebates to ensure that AMD processors are not sold internationally. Intel has forced customers to sign exclusive deals with them and offered secret discounts on Intel chips if they avoided AMD products. These details were revealed in a lawsuit in Japan. AMD Corporation filed a suit against Intel in Delaware; however, the Delaware judge has ruled that the district court was not the proper forum for the suit. The reasoning of the judge is that more than half of the cases relate to Intel action in the UK, Taiwan, ...