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    In a 250-300 word response, answer the following question: Do you believe most people are poor listeners or good listeners? What can organizations do to improve the listening skills of their employees? How can you improve your personal listening skills? Use at least one resource to support your key points.

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    Most people are poor listeners naturally, unless they have been trained specifically to listen. Poor listening is the result of distraction, bias, poor sleep, preoccupation, misinterpretation, or jumping to conclusions (Virginia Tech, 2013). Though some people may be willing to give a speaker full attention and consideration, this rarely happens without the listener having a higher level of self awareness. Those who have been told they have poor listening skills or who need to develop such skills to perform their jobs may ...

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    The expert determines if they believe that most people are poor listeners. The organizations which can be used to improve the listening skills of their employees are given.