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    Deliberate Planning and Military Strategy

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    What is deliberate planning and how does it support national military strategy? Give an example of a scenario that might require deliberate planning.

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    The United States Military is a formidable force that can face down any adversary around the world. The organization employs advanced practices and strategic initiatives that allow our military the ability strike quickly and apply the appropriate amount of force required to maintain positive control over any situation. The United States Military has a litany of resources that it utilizes when preparing for confrontations. One such strategy is deliberate planning.
    Deliberate planning is the planning process for the deployment and employment of apportioned forces and resources that occurs in response to possible situations outlined in the JSCP, also known as the Joint Strategic Capabilities Study (SDDCTEA, 2009). Deliberate planning helps commanders develop an action plan that combines the use of human support combined with the available tangible tools that are used in ...

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    The solution provides a detailed description of deliberate planning and explains how it supports our national military strategy. The solution also provides an example of a scenario that could require the use of deliberate planning.