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    Courtroom Participation

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    1.) Who are the various courtroom participants and what are their roles?
    2.) What are the duties and responsibilities of the major participants, how are they selected, and what is their importance in the court proceedings?

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    1.) The various courtroom participants include the judge, the attorneys and the parties, the witnesses, the courtroom deputy, and the court reporter.
    The judge's role is to preside over a trial from a desk, called a bench, on an elevated platform. The judge has five tasks. First, he/she are to preside over the proceedings and make sure that order is maintained. The second role is to determine whether the evidence the parties want to use is either illegal or improper. The third role or task of the judge is before the jury begins liberations, the judge is to give the jury instructions about the law that applies to the case and the standards it must use in deciding the case. The fourth task is for the judge in the bench trials is to determine the facts and decide the case. Lastly, the role of the judge is to sentence convicted criminal defendants ("Role of the Judge and Other Courtroom Participants", 2012).
    The role of the attorneys, also known as lawyer's role is to represent the person or company that filed the complaint. In this role the attorney is known as the plaintiff attorney. As a defendant attorney the defendant is represented which is the person accused of committing the crime or a wrongful act. Each of the ...

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    Courtroom participation are examined. The duties and responsibilities of the major participants are determined.