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    Consumer Charges

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    Do you believe that every consumer pays hidden or unanticipated charges for the things that they buy? High interest rates on unpaid balances? Annual membership fees? Service charges? Are such charges ethical? Do you want to work for companies that make such charges?

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    I do believe that consumers do pay hidden or unanticipated charges for the things they buy. For example, when a person or couple purchases a phone, the company does not inform them of the extra fees that are tacked on from outside sources that they will have to pay. This is really frustrating for anyone trying to pay their bills each month, and can easily become expensive fast, which can also cause them to get into debt faster. In regards to high interest rates on unpaid ...

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    This solution provided an opinion on whether or not consumers have to pay hidden charges, high interest rates, annual membership fees, service charges, and if they are unethical as well as if one would want to work for a company that takes part in these practices.