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    Comparative Statics - Supply & Demand Curves

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    Question 1
    The X-corporation produces a good (called X) that is a normal good. Its competitor, Y-Corpor., makes a substitute good that it markets under the name "Y." Good Y is an inferior good.
    a. How will the demand for good X change if consumer incomes decrease?
    Hint: Draw the original values for the demand and supply curve and then show how a decrease in income will demand. Label your curves and points, following the use of comparative statics given on page 63.
    b. How will the demand for Good Y change if consumer incomes increase?
    Hint: Again draw the original curves and show how the relevant curve will be shifted. Label accordingly.
    c. How will the demand for good X change if the price of good Y increases?
    Hint: Use comparative statics as explained above.
    d. Is good Y a lower-quality product than good X? Explain

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    A pdf file with the curves is shown for parts a, b and c is attached.

    a) A normal good is a good whereby a decrease in income leads to a decrease in the demand of the good. Since X is a normal good, demand for good X will decrease if consumer incomes decrease, i.e. the demand curve for X shifts LEFT.

    As an example, you can think of good ...

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    Comparative statics is used to explain how demand changes. Graphs are provided. 255 words and attached as PDFs.