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Automobile supply chain

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Provide an example of a supply chain for a specific product or service. Many supply chain examples can be found via the library and the Web. Which one area of the supply chain is the most critical link in the chain for this product and why?

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The automobile supply chain is a significant supply chain to analyze because of its ultimate effect on the various levels of the economy from basic transportation to and from other business, and the fiscal effect on the finance and banking industries due to the amount of money that is exchanged on a daily basis from a multitude of suppliers, manufacturers, OEMs, dealerships, parts departments, and end-consumers (Simpson, D., Power, D., & Samson, D., 2007).

There are many facets of the supply chain of automobiles that are significant and relate to the development to the companies involved. The engineering, research, and ...

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This solution discusses a supply chain for a specific product or service - in this case, the automobile supply chain.

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