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    Optimizing Reverse Logistics Supply Chain

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    1. Select a minimum of two industries (or specific companies) and identify how reselling, selling via outlet, salvaging, reconditioning, refurbishing, and remanufacturing can help that company optimize its reverse logistics supply chain.

    2. Explain the relationship between optimization of the reverse logistics channel and the overall supply channel.

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    (1) The concept of reverse logistics refers to what most people simply know as ?returns?. Businesses have discovered that optimizing their reverse logistics is essential to make their customer happy and improve their bottom line. The cost of returns in the U.S. is estimated to be approximately $100 billion, which is certainly a significant number.

    There are several strategies business have employed to reduce their reverse logistics costs and make processing returns more efficient. These include:
    (a) Outsourcing reverse logistics needs to a third party company that handles all of these aspects of returns.
    (b) Optimizing the reverse logistics system to avoid processing returns that are not the company?s responsibility. This also allows the company to save money that may have been used for transporting these returns.
    (c) Keeping the process as simple and inexpensive as possible for both the company and the consumer.
    (d) Providing information about the returns process and status to consumers. This saves money by avoiding many customer calls to check on the status of their return.

    The table 7.1 in the attachment summarizes some key ...

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