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    Influence Chart for Business Management

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    The amount of George's weekly paycheck is determined by five factors: wages. travel reimbursement, sales commission, an allowance for parking and an allowance for tolls. George's wages are determined by the number of hours he works and his hourly wage rate. His travel reimbursement is determined by the distance driven and the mileage reimbursement rate. His sales commissions is determined by the total dollar value of his sales and his commission rate.

    a) How would an influence chart showing the proper mathematical operations between the terms on the chart determine the amount of George's paycheck.

    b) Where would the dependent variables, independent variables, intermediate variables and constraints- fall.

    C) George earns $10/ hour, he gets $0.30/mile travel reimbursement, 10% commission rate, a $75 parking allowance per week and $25 per week for tolls ( whether he spends it or not) What would his weekly paycheck be when he works 40 hours, drives 400 miles and makes $3,575 in sales in a week.

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    (a) Influence chart (see attached).

    (b) Dependent variables: Wages, Travel reimbursement, Sales commission;
    Independent ...

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    The solution examines influence charts for business management. How the influence chart shows the proper mathematical operations between the terms on the chart are given.