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    Allie is a licensed pilot who is nearsighted. She has 20/20 (perfect) vision when she wears her contact lenses. Without her contact lenses, she cannot read or drive, but with her contact lenses, she is able to engage in these activities. Acme Airlines has a requirement that its pilots have 20/20 uncorrected vision. Allie applies for a pilot position with Acme, and is rejected based on her need to wear contact lenses. Allie goes to the EEOC to file a charge under the ADA against Acme Airlines. What is the likely result?

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    This situation probably would not get very far with the EEOC and it would not go to litigation because the applicant is not significantly limited in the major life activity of seeing. Mitigating procedures must be measured in determining disability.

    Contact lenses are a mitigating ...

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    This solution explains what constitues a disability in the eyes of the EEOC and the ADA. It wil explain rather or not an employee in the scenario described would fall under the disability category as well as explain if litigation would be appropriate.