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Three Equal Opportunity Employment Laws

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Discuss and describe three equal opportunity employment laws. Discuss how a organization complies with each of these laws. Family and Medical Leave Act (1993), Equal Pay Act (1963), and Americans with Disabilities Act (1990). Reflect on how these laws impact the organization as a whole.

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The three policies selected are three of the biggest, most widely known workplace policies. The Family and Medical Leave Act, which is known as the FMLA, allows workers time off from their jobs when having a baby, becoming a parent (through adoption or fostering), to care for an immediate family member that has become ill, which would include the employee's spouse, parent or child, and also allows the employee time off to care for him or herself in the advent of a medical condition. The law allows twenty-six "workweeks of leave during a twelve month period" to care for oneself or the afflicted party. Employers that are in the public sector and employers that have more than fifty employees must comply with the FMLA. Smaller companies do not have to be in compliance, although it is considered good corporate governance and very ethical if they do comply on their own, without being mandated to do so. There are certain conditions to qualifying for time under the FMLA, which include a minimum of 1,250 hours of service to the employer in the preceding twelve month period.

The Equal Pay Act is also an extremely important act. This act was created in 1963 because there were so many differences in pay between genders, where the job and responsibilities were the ...

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This solution discusses three equal opportunity employment laws. The ways that the organization is affected by these laws and methods to remain in compliance are also discussed.

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