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Stereotypical Expectations

Have you ever known someone to do a job really well or perform well in a competition but that person did not fit the age, gender, ethnic or religious background that most individuals would expect based upon stereotypes? Or have you heard of examples in the news? For example, years ago it was reported that in Florida there was a rookie of the year police officer who was aged 65 at the time. If so, tell us the example and how you know about this example. Feel free to attach any relevant articles.

Do you know anyone or have you yourself surprised people because this person (or you) were not what others were expecting, based upon stereotypes?

How might a company that objectively measured or evaluated the strength of employees and job candidates fair better than a company that hired and promoted based strictly based upon "gut reactions"? Why?

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One of my friends who was an avid basketball player decided to join the local basketball club in the community centre when he moved to a new suburb. On the first day of his training, he was surprised to see that the team's trainer was a Muslim lady wearing a hijab (head dress) and tracksuit with a T-shirt on. Basketball is supposedly considered a rough and ...

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This solution provides a expert's personal perspective on a situation where a stereotypical expectation did not measure up to a reality and also explains how companies need to adapt to multiculturalism.