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Advice on Whether to Renew a Contract

What would you do?

A colleague of yours is on an annual contract which is soon due to be renewed. During your time of working together you have become close friends with him on a personal level and you are aware that his wife has recently become pregnant with their second child.

However, while he tries hard and means well, your colleague is really quite incompetent at his job and you end up needing to work harder to try to compensate for this and have been aware of him covering up some relatively serious mistakes.

Your boss has asked for your advice as to whether or not your friend's contract should be renewed. What do you do?

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In my professional capacity, I am required to maintain professional competence and diligence to ensure that the work is carried out to the best of the ability. However, in this case, since the colleague is a very good friend of mine, and given the fact that his wife is pregnant, their ...

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200 words look into the ethical dilemma of whether you should recommend an incompetent but dear friend's contract to be renewed.