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    Select a legal business form & discuss tax basis

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    1.A client asks your advice on the following situation. They are going to start a manufacturing company with two outside investors. The investors will be not be employees; your client will be a full-time employee and CEO. They want to know what form of business you recommend the company be. Compare the pros and cons of each business form along with your final recommendation.

    2.What is basis? How is tax basis different from an asset in financial accounting? Is it possible to have a negative tax basis? Can you think of an example of negative basis?

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    Because the investors will want liability protection (partly because they won't be involved in the operation and partly because it makes good business sense), there are two forms which offer that protection: a corporation and an LLC. LLC laws vary from state to state but I'll assume the LLC in your state would offer the same legal protection as a corporation.

    A partnership with limited liability partners is an option but I wouldn't recommend it for a manufacturing business. That form can be very ...

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    In a 350 word discussion, investors who want liability protection as they invest will survey several options for the business legal form. In each, the tax aspects are discussed including tax basis: what it is and how it works.