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    Resignation and Termination

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    Text: Employmnet Law for Human Resource Practice, by David J Walsh

    As sad as it is, people do get fired...and this of course must be part of the study on Employment Law! Therefore, read chapters 18 and 19 of your text. Then answer the following questions:

    Why is it good legal advice for employers to do each of the following:

    1. Require that resignations be in writing and show the voluntary nature of the resignation?

    2. Provide employees with notice of the charges against them, an explanation of the evidence and an an opportunity to respond with terminating public employees.

    Be very specific in your answers and try to cite laws as supporting documentation for each.

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    1. Requiring employees to provide resignations in writing prevents the company from future liability or lawsuits by the employee and also prevents the company from having to pay unemployment benefits to the employee. This is called a voluntary work separation because it is initiated by the employee. It can happen in several ways:

    Resignation with ...

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