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    Possible harassment by a division director.

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    Dottie, a manager, has been referred to you by a mutual friend to discuss a "situation" she has encountered. Her division director has insisted she take car rides with him for "meetings" to discuss department business. Sometimes these "meetings" last an hour or longer and make her feel very uncomfortable. Dottie says she is telling you this in confidence and just wants your advice on what to do. You are her peer in management. What will you do and say?

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    This really depends on the specifics of the situation and your role with the company. If you are just her peer in management and you're not an attorney for the organization, you need to advise Dottie that she has some options. First, she should ask her division director to change the places of these meetings to somewhere in the office, preferably during business hours or to move them to a lunch ...

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    The expert examines the possible harassment by a division director.