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    Legal Issues of Returned Items, Boardwalk Books, Press Pub.

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    Press Publishers sold 100 copies of a new hardback book entitled Business Law to Boardwalk Books. The contract between Press Publishing and Boardwalk Books provides, in relevant part, that Boardwalk may return to Press any unused copies of the book within six months. During the six-month period, Boardwalk sold only five copies of these books. However, twenty copies were damaged from sitting on the bookshelf for six months and having customers rip pages and spill coffee on them. Boardwalk wants to return all ninety-five copies to Press. Discuss.

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    The plain truth of the scenario is that Boardwalk will only be able to return and get credit for 75 copies of the book.

    Had Boardwalk Books taken the books in on consignment from Press Publishers with an agreement to sell the books on behalf of the publisher, ownership would not have transferred and the damage incurred would have been under the ownership of Press. However, it is stated that Boardwalk actually ...

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    The solution describes legal issues regarding books that were damaged and the bookstore wants to return them to the publisher under terms of a contract.